Introducing, the Kraken

So, this article, Consultant to ‘Vampire Squid of Expert Network Firms’ Questioned by FBI, got a lot of attention at work recently. Ever since reading it I’ve had an image stuck in my head of “a vampire squid on steroids” which kinda looks like this guy.

Luckily I’ve been interested in Raphaël lately and this was the perfect inspiration for a project.  The Kraken was the result of this project. I created a user script that you can drag and drop into Chrome to install. Once installed on ANY web page the key combo [cntrl]+[shift]+Z will
summon the Kraken. Enter a jQuery selector into the input area, hit [enter],
and then…

The Kraken be smackin’ your DOM.


Kinda like this

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One Response to Introducing, the Kraken

  1. cbsides says:

    lol awesome

    I think we finally have a mascot!

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